Friday, January 10, 2014

A Snowy Morning Working in My Studio

I promise this blog will share my current projects, future experiments and many of my creative endeavors. But for today I am going to post a magical moment from this mornings studio time. It wasn't the work itself that was magical but what happened outside my studio window.

I have a little friend, she is a white squirrel that lives in our neighborhood and frequently graces our garden. I always get a thrill when I see her as I think of her as a magical little fairy (compared to the common grey varieties). 

This morning as I was working at my pottery wheel trimming bowls, I saw my little friend sitting in the gutter above our chicken coop. She looked so sweet as the snow gently fell around her.

I quickly grabbed my camera and here's what followed.

Her arch enemy chased her...

But not for long!

Clearly, she is Queen of the mountain/chicken coop.


  1. Great pics, Sheila. I've never seen a white squirrel before and totally agree with the magical fairy connection.

  2. Sweet! I haven't seen a white squirrel since I was a child!

  3. Thanks for sharing your plate method, never used a hump mold, nice for the repeatability of the shape/size.
    love the squirrel, we have more black than albino.